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ipod sound quality


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before i bought my ipod i heard constant moans about the sound quality and volume and i must admit, i wasn't bowled over when i actually began to use it myself, although i thought it was manageable.

anyway, for what its worth i bought a pair of sennheiser phones for £29 (just the normal pair - same size as ipod ones) and the difference is incredible - quality is as good as you'd ever need and the volume is suddenly twice as loud. the pair i bought also have a tiny volume control on them which i find very convenient - saves having to fish the ipod out your pocket.

anyway, sorry for stating the bloody obvious, but thought it was worth mentioning..!

mick's cat

Yeah, the earbuds supplied with all the makes of players leaves a lot to be desired. It's the same with the Zen Xtra earbuds I have, and the Sony's if what you read elsewhere in other threads in this forum is to be believed.

I have a pair of Etymotics and they sound much better on both my iPod and the Xtra. Worth the cost if you're serious about listening I reckon.


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I've used my original phones about half a dozen times in the 2 years I've had my ipod - and then it was only cos the Sony fontopia ones I was using decided to call it a day. The originals really do sound poor.


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I normally never even bother trying the headphones that come with any player. The Ipod ones are as bad as any other.

I'v tried several Ipod's with my own headphones that I use on my Archos. I've never liked the sound quality on the Ipod, that's why I've never bought one. They may be small and have a great interface but I want to use it to listen to music, not to look at. Sound quality is by far THE most important factor in a MP3 player and the IPod is poor IMHO.

Now if only Archos would just release the Gmini with a 30GB drive I could finally upgrade my old Jukebox Recorder.


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I've never found the iPod sound to be anything other than decent, and the 4G models are a significant improvement over the 3G's.


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iPod 4G 20GB + Sony E888LP earphones = Joy!


You can get the E888's from Ebay as they are not sold in the UK. Highly recommended and only £25.


Radiohead said:
I've never found the iPod sound to be anything other than decent, and the 4G models are a significant improvement over the 3G's.
That's right. I have to say that there's a load of rubbish talked about iPod sound being poorer than the other players out there, but I reckon it's just sour grapes from those who don't have an iPod.

I review these things for a living and — frankly — the sound really depends on how you set things up. The iPods (all varieties) have a flatter EQ than most of the others, that's all (I personally think that's why the others have a non-flat EQ - just to make users think the iPod sounds flat in a side-by-side comparison). Apple tends to follow standards strictly, while some of the others just bend the rules). The answer is just choose an EQ setting that suits the music and the iPod is unbeatable.

And yes, the iPod earbuds are as good as any of the rest, but like all the others' earbuds they could be better. Indeed, the biggest thing you can do to improve sound (on all players) is get a good set of earbuds.

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