Question Ipod 'slows down' with certain files


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Apologies for the title, I couldn't fit what I wanted to describe in there.

I have a 160GB Ipod that works wonderfully in my car via USB. According to what I've read, an Ipod of that nature should be able to play 24bit/48Khz files, as long as they are in ALAC format.

Which they are. It does play these without a problem. I have quite a lot of tracks in this format.

Unless of course, I switch the engine off and restart and I choose another track (24/48Khz) and it will play it at half speed. It will do this until I play a 'normal' 16/44.1 track for example, then it will play fine until once again, playback is stopped for whatever reason.

Can't figure it out. I guess I could resample everything to 16/44.1, but the specs (and experience) says it can play them, so why is it doing this?


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Just wading through the plethora of advice....

Tested now and it only does it when it's connected to the car audio. Car is a 17 Golf, but I guess I'll just resample everything.

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