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    Okay, my brain hurts because it's Friday night so I'm throwing this one out to you guys...

    Bought a shuffle the other day for the gym and am very pleased with it, but I'm racking my brains to think how I can make it work exactly as I want it to.

    In my iTunes library, I have a playlist of 900-odd songs which are designated as 'Workout Tracks'.

    My shuffle is set to pick randomly from this playlist, which is great, and has been working fine - but I got to the end of the 200 songs I got out of my first sync and when I refilled it, of course it picked some of the same songs again.

    There must be a really clever way of getting it, when I click autofill, to pick 200 odd songs that I haven't yet heard from that playlist, basically taking off any that I've already played and replacing them with ones that I've yet to hear.

    Obviously at the end of the 900 songs I'll have to start again but before that time I want it to remove songs I've already played every time I sync it up and replace them with ones I haven't.

    I also have a 30GB Video iPod running off the same iTunes and I may play some of the tracks from the workout playlist during the day so I don't want to uncheck anything.

    Any thoughts??


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