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I am confused :confused::confused::confused: For months I had it in my head that I was going to ditch my 15gb iPod for a larger capacity iPod and buy this docking station

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Anyway, last week I came across the Sony NWZ S639F along with docking station NWGM30.

So now I cant decide what I want. Some points to consider are:

  • All of my music (400+ cd's) are in iTunes
  • I dont particularly like the look and feel of the Sony
  • iPod coming in more expensive
  • iPod has better menus
  • Sony doesnt appear to let you create multiple playlists

Which would you all choose and why? My budget for an mp3 player and docking station is around £300

Thanks, Emma


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You aren't going to come close to fitting 400+ CDs on the Sony in any form of decent quality - 16GB might hold 200 CDs at a pinch, but no more than that. If you want to be able to hold all your collection, the Sony isn't an option - stick with the iPod.

The iPod vs Sony debate has been raging on here for years - there seems to be a prevailing opinion that Sony has better sound quality than Apple, but in my experience the iPod classic sounds excellent as long as you ditch the supplied headphones and get some decent ones instead. (I use mine with some stupidly expensive 'phones from Shure, and it sounds superb.)

If I were you I'd stick with the iPod.


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Had both. The Walkman still has better SQ but the new Nano/Touch/Classic are very close now if you compare with same earphones.

If your used to handling your music in Playlists especially with ability to change Star Ratings and use Autoplaylists then stick with the iPod.

If you prefer to just drag&drop tracks then the Walman is fine.

For me, I stick with iPod Nano16GB.


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The new 32gb X series is looking very nice, and I am very pleased with my 16gb A Series. The Sony has very good SQ, a clear and concise menu system, and apart from Gapless does everything an iPod can do unless iPods can do some stuff I don't know about. But the 32 x-series will be over your budget with a dock if one is available for it.

The walkmans can handle playlists fine, but they all have to be done on the computer and then imported in.

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