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My nephew got a stunning new black Ipod Nano for his birthday today. Slight problem, their home PC is only running Windows Millenium edition, he reckons that it will not work without XP - he is devastated, his Dad has talked about getting a new computer soon but not quite yet.

Is there any way he can get the Ipod to speak to his old Windows ?

You will make a 13 year old (today) very happy !



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Biscuit761 said:
he reckons that it will not work without XP
Has he tried connecting it, just to make sure? It sounds like he has just assumed it won't work, without even trying. It works with Windows 2000, so there is a chance it might with Windows ME...


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Yeah it will work, however you need to visit the microsoft homepage and update it, with the latest service packs or critical updates. You might need to download the drive for:

" mass storage device " My friend had this issue with windows 98SE.

Hope that helps :)


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