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ipod nano vs ipod 20gigs



hi guys!
is there an expert who can throw some light? i need to make a discision on whether its going to be ipod nano or ipod 20gb 4 generation
1 my feeling is i get so much more space for a little extra
2 what with the screen toubles etc of the just released nano a known enenmy is better than an unknown friend!
3 do u have to send both for battery replacement or is only with the ipod 20 gb?
what is your take ipod 20 gbor ipod nano 4gb??


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Both players have built-in batteries. It's about the size. The Nano is definitively smaller. Due to the playlisting flexibility of iTunes (superior to all else in this respect) you can pack music quite intelligently into a limited space like 4Gb, even if you have a large library. The iPod is pretty portable, but the Nano is so much more so.

mick's cat

1 Yes, the 20Gb iPod holds five times the songs, but the nano is five times smaller physically.
2 Yes, screen problems (scratching) have been reported anecdotally in the US with the nano. No-one I know with a nano has seen this yet. On the other hand, there is also anecdotal evidence to say that the nano itself is extremely difficult to damage.
3 Yes, you can send either iPod to have a battery replaced, however you can do the job easily yourself for a fraction of the cost Apple charges. They both use Li-Ion batteries, as does every other DAP on the market, so the concern is not unique.


thanks a ton guys!
well that about settles it !. i guess there isnt much to choose.it was very nice of you to take the time out for me
take care

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