iPod Nano mp4 player


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Never seen these before,but a lot of researche ahas obviously gone into writing the desrciotion

5 international Language Supported: English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spamish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Japanese

Hmmmmm 5 international languages, maybe I cant count but I thought that was 11:D


haha, thats what i love about eBay - accurate, concise information ;)

All the same, anyone know about these mp4 players?


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Just don't go there leave them alone, you know if it actually works then it's so gonna break down in a week or two!.

Besides just how much mp4 video do you really think you can fit or there?, 512mb isn't enough storage for music never mind any other crap.


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don't know about that particular mp3 player, but i recently went to Hong Kong , you would be amazed at the amount of mp3 players they have, the ipod isnt really popular there, i bought my sister a tiny colour screen mp3 player and its fantastic, at that price it looks great, the brands they have there arent main stream but none the less are good

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