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Today I recevied my brand new shiney Apple iPod nano. However for the life of me I can't work out what the "dock adapter" is for that came with it. I used to own a 3G iPod (with a dock), and at first I assumed that the little plastic adapter would allow the nano to sit in the original 3G dock. But no, it doesn't fit. What is it for? Am I gonna have to fork out another £20 for the new Nano dock if I want to listen to it on my speakers?

Without knowing anything about this the answer is...Yes ;).

Unless you have crappy pc speakers that you can just take the jack from and put into the nano, but I think that you don't. There is no way in hell apple would allow an adapter to use an existing dock, they will get as much cash as they can just like anyone else. Funny when I paid £30 for a little bit of plastic with a bit of metal coming out of it back in the day (3rd gen dock).
The adaptor allows the Nano to sit on new universal docks from what I'm aware. Not existing iPod docks.

To be honest, the Line Out of the Nano is not dissimilar from the Headphone Out at full blast (Euro cap disabled) and EQ disabled.

I haven't bothered to get a dock... I use the Sendstation Pocketdock USB, which gives me a standard 'big' USB port for travelling as well as a line out.

Pocketdock on the nano, you can see how big it is in comparison with the standard cable.
I use my nano with my old photo dock. Fits fine. It isn't snug, but then its so light and no moving parts, so its perfectly ok.

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