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Hey all.

I've recently been messing around with my iPod Touch, PC and PS3 to try and get some sort of all-in-one system happening, where I can watch movies on all three systems, but ofcourse I've run into no end of issues with different file formats.

My problem is, I download movie trailers etc from the net & the PSN, I prefer the PSN as they are usually higher quality, but I write for a gaming site so I often get press release links weeks before the trailers appear on the PSN.

Now, I've managed to get two programs working, Videora 0.91 and Quicktime Pro 7. I've also found a great forum page with simple to follow steps for each type of format and what settings to use.

My first issue is why doesn't the iTouch support an apple format (MPEG4)? When I download movies from the PSN, its in MPEG4 but when I try to load them onto my iPod, Itunes tells me it doesn't support it, yet I have Podcasts in MPEG4 that it *DOES* support....

The only way I can get movies from the net or the PSN to work on my iTouch is to convert them to M4V, then the PS3 wont play them. So I'm stuck converting everything twice just to get them to work on both platforms =\

Does anyone know of a file format supported by both the PS3 and the iTouch? Thanks.

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