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Jun 11, 2004
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I'm looking at the best option to connect my ipod to my car stereo for under £100. I tried an fm griffin itrip but that had some terrible background sound.
yip - mine was naff too - especially when i moved from one location to another where the local radio used that bandwith

the best i have seen is a new system for £200 at halfords so im interested in the reply
what stereo are you attempting to connect it with.
Not sure really its the standard 6 cd changer unit that comes with a nissan xtrail (2 years old)
I think you might struggle with a Nissan. I have the Dension ICELink in my BMW but that was factory head unit specific.

However Dension now do a universal ICE>Link FM Modulator for around £70 which will work in your X-Trail. Unlike the griffin broadcast type modulator this is actually a wired modulator. Basically you install the ipod adapter to your car and then you insert the ICE>Link between your FM Aerial and the Head Unit. I think it then has 7 preset frequencies to choose.

OK it's never going to be better than FM quality but will be a lot better than the Griffin type FM Modulator.
Not much help to original poster but for BMW owners, especially those with Sat Nav the Intravee II is excellent.

£135 and it gives me info on the display head and control via the sterring buttons

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