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IPod Frequency Response

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by PikPik Carrot, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. PikPik Carrot

    PikPik Carrot

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    Accoreding to apples site the ipods frequency response is 20Hz - 20,000Hz, now are they referring to the earphones or what the unit can do ?? if they are talking about the unit its self then using earphones like the MX500 which has a FR of 18Hz - 22,000Hz or the PX100 which have a FR of 15Hz - 27,000Hz according to sennheiser web site you would get there full efficiency out of them right ?
  2. extremelydodgy

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    Oct 27, 2004
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    All players quote a response of 20-20khz, but can usually play back lower tones.

    The earphones are measured differently, and the response range is the range where the drivers will move and make some sort of sound. A phone's response over the quoted frequency range usually differs a lot, and is nearly always not flat. So for example while a phone may quote 10hz capability, it may be 70db down at that frequency (i.e. virtually inaudible) compared to it's response at say 1khz. And manufacturers don't quote how their phones behave over the frequency range, only the range that the drivers will move air.

    In a nutshell, the frequency response of a phone is the loosest guide and is so variable as to be practically worthless in most cases. It should only be a guide not to buy if it seems particularly bad (like 100hz-10khz :D ). Finally, reading numbers is fine but you have to also consider if you can hear 15hz or 22khz. In most cases, no. Many people can't hear over 16khz, and many can't hear below 20~30hz.

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