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i got two docks for xmas ,an apple one and a logic 3 one for use with my 30gb 5th gen ipod video , on both docks if i connect either the composite or svhs connector to my tv i get a blank screen , are these connections for photos and video only and not playlists or music info ,i have tv set to out on the ipod settings

i know marantz do a dock that will do what i want ,just wondered if what ive got will

many thanks and a happy new year

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far as i know the tv out only displays video and pictures you have to strain your eyes on the ipods display for track / playlist info and to navigate the menu system


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cheers for the reply

yep these docks only output video and photos , marantz and onkyo do docks that produce there own menus according to the ipods playlists etc as ive just found out

more money!!!


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