iPod Dock for Bose Cinemate II


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I tried google but couldn't find a simple dock.

It does have phono aux and optical. Is there a big difference in the quality of sound between the two?


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If the system can DAC the sound well itself then using the analogue phono in will be your best bet but you would need a dock that can send a untouched signal from the ipod, which is limited only one I can think of off hand is the onkyo which retails at about £150. Most docks will use the dac in the ipod or dock itself though so the sound is going to be based on that (pre 5th generation of ipods having the better dac chips) otherwise any dock will do if the price is a issue, obviously dont go for the cheapest you can find.

Optical in isnt the best option either, the analogue in is always the purest form of audio sourcing.
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