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iPod dock by Kensington at Richer Sounds


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Richer Sounds have a good offer on the Kensington dock, £20 in shops, £15 on interweb, £10 if you register for the VIP club. It is audio only, no video, but is a super piece of kit, very well made, comes complete with a mains unit (charges iPod), gold connecting lead and full function remote. Sells for up to £62.


The nano will work with the Kensington dock, but it is not ideal. The Kensington dock uses a metal frame to support the rear of the ipod. The nano is so thin that the metal frame offers no support. The only thing supporting the nano is the dock connector. If you are heavy handed you could damage the dock connector.


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i'd have thought it's be fine with a nano - my 30gb ipod just sits in the dock and doesn't touch the frame. There are plenty of other products that support the nano/ipod by just the connector without too much trouble.

Thanks to GeoffWork for the heads up :thumbsup:


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Does the remote work everything, ie skipping back in the menu option to select a playlist or to select shuffle.


Does the remote work everything, ie skipping back in the menu option to select a playlist or to select shuffle.

The remote only has basic controls - play, skip and volume.

So you have to press the menu key. With a nano in the dock it will flex the dock connector. Most docks support the nano with an adapter to take the strain off of the connector.

However, even at the price I paid for the Kensington dock 6 months ago it is one of the best value accessories I have.

It's a steal at £10.


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I am thinking of getting the Teac 255 system with USB and have read that the ipod will not work with the USB port and I would need an ipod dock to plug into the AUX sockets.

Is this Kensington unit suitabke for that purpose?


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Quick heads up : if you visit the richer sounds web site & scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a printable voucher to get a free pair of sennheiser headphones with all purchases over 10.00 !!! :eek:

Just been to RS in notts and got the dock & heaphones for £14.95 :smashin:

Hope this helps someone out there

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