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IPOD Connection For My BMW


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Hi All.

I am looking to buy an ipod car kit for my 2003 BMW e46. It is fitted with the BMW Business CD stereo and I dont have a CD changer (id like it to connect to the cd changer port for functionality). I have bought and tested many FM transmitters but to be honest im tired with fiddling around for a free radio station and having poor sound quality.

I have see some solutions from Dension, Connects2 and Dice but done know which one to get. I have a 60GB Video ipod (black). Im looking to spend no more than £100 and will be fitting it myself. I would like it work with the controls from the head unit and also the steering wheel. If it could display info on the head unit display that would be a bonus. I would like it to have a dock also thats not clumpy and does not make the ipod look huge.

One ive been looking at is the Dension Ice Link Plus. Does anyone have any reviews on this or any others that may be worth me looking into?



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I am in exactly the situation ... with the same car !(except my car doesn't have steering wheel controls)

Apparently the BMW part that connects our CD Players to the Ipod is part number: 65410395290 According to the info at this website: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=AS72&mospid=47635&btnr=65_1548&hg=65&fg=95

Let me know how you get on...

After looking for ages on the internet and emailing other people I've finally purchased something. I went for a device from Dice Electronics. Basically it plugs into the auto changer in the boot and fools the stereo into thinking the ipod is a CD auto changer. Heres the link http://www.diceelectronics.com/Merchant/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DETEST01&Product_Code=i-BMW-T&Category_Code=DICE_IPOD_BMW. It was about a £100 on the net but I managed to get one from eBay (new) for £80. There is cradle available but ill keep mine in the glove box for now and see how that goes.

Let me know if you find anythign else.


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Cool ...let me know what you think ....just got a mail from my local dealer for the Genuine Part which does the same thing ...

£106 for the Part + £65 fitting... (all plus vat)

Still not sure which way to go....:rolleyes:


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I've got the Dension IceLink fitted to my E46 - it's great. The connector sits in the storage area between the front seats, so is nicely hidden from prying eyes.

You need to make sure you have an up to date head unit to display the tag info - some of the older ones don't work. Mine is a Philips and the Alpine made ones are also OK, IIRC.

You lose out on the CD changer but I don't think that is a big issue.

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