Ipod Classic vs Creative Zen MP3

Steve Burling

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I have a "Creative Zen M 60gb" player at the moment. I was looking at up grading to a Ipod Classic.

Has anyone got any views on the Audio quality difference ??

I have changed my headphones to "Sound Magic 10" which sound great.

Also a friend of mine has a Grafite Grey classic which I really like the colour, but it seems that its only Black or White that are th options now. Don't surpose any one knows if I can get a Grey one

Steve Burling

Active Member
thanks shame as the Grey looks good why only those 2 colours any comments from Apple members ??

What about the audio quality compared to my player is it any better ??


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Uk ipod classic great for storage room. however has the stupid european volume lock, which means that you will have to use an external amp, to drive any decent headphones.

I am using a Fiio E11 with a LOD to good results, will even drive mu Senn HD600's, which was a pleasant surprise.

But do have advantage that digital feed can be taken out to feed a decent DAC for use in home system.

So mixed blessings...

Cheers Paul

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