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Dec 30, 2007
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Hi everyone
Hopefully someone can advise me - Go easy as very new to all this !!
I have recently purchased an ipod classic and would like some help regarding music file types. I think that I'm right in saying that WAV and FLAC files are better / less compressed than standard MP3 files and even Apple lossless. Please can someone tell me :
1. Can my ipod replay these different file types ? and,
2. How can I most efficiently get my CD collection on to my ipod in a format thats better than standard mp3 / Apple lossless.

Thank you for any advice
Of the lossless formats, your iPod only supports Apple lossless (not surprising). No point using wav because it is completely uncompressed and not fully taggable. So very wasteful and non-advantageous

With the different lossless formats it is not a case of which one is "better" in terms of SQ because theoretically they all share the same aim of delivering digitisation of the CD track without removing any information despite compressing the files. Thus you should not be able to distinguish between say a flac and apple lossless versions of the same song

You only discuss "better" in terms of the devices you own and comptability. You can of course freely convert between lossless formats but in owning an iPod Classic you are limited to a default choice

There is more information in the forum sticky
Thanks very much for your reply Steven - I'll have a look at the sticky you refer to and see where we go.
Appreciate your help :smashin:

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