iPod Classic alternatives?


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All my music is digital now and I like to keep more than one copy of my library in case something explodes. I use a Naim Unitilite on my home LAN and currently play music in two ways...

1. From a NAS that I keep synced with my PC-based music library using MusicBee
2. From a 160Gb iPod Classic which is plugged into the Naim's USB socket and kept synced with my library using iTunes.

I've recently had a couple of occasions where I've had to restore the iPod, which is a lengthy process for nearly 16,000 songs and I'm now a little worried about the state of the device.

Question - if I want to still keep a 'backup' source of my music by using something plugged into the Naim's USB socket, what's the best option? Some sort of replacement music player with 160Gb+ storage? Simply plug in a 256Gb USB stick with a copy of my music synced to it using MusicBee?



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If you want to keep the iPod then maybe look at the iflash upgrades or changing it to use an SSD. If anything was going to go wrong it would mostly likely be the hard drive in them.


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I agree with @reecie - I have a 5th Gen iPod which has been iFlash'd and it's not skipped a beat since. The mechanical HDD that come as standard are 15+ years old now, so will be on their last legs.

Not the cheapest solution (the iFlash adaptor is £30ish + the cost of a Micro SD card of your choosing) but I believe you can go all the way up to 2Tb now.


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Am I correct in thinking that as mine is a 6th gen model, the maximum I could install into it is 128Gb?


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So, would having a loaded 256Gb stick in the Naim's USB port suffice?

I know purists would gasp at such a thought but in terms of high definition audio quality, I don't really have high definition ears anymore! Too much metal on closed headphones in my youth :) Unless it would sound like the music is being played in an old tin bath, I'd be OK with it as a backup music source.


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I had slightly different requirements but ended up ditching my 7th gen iPod Classic for a Fiio M11 and a 1TB SD Card.

I use my DAP daily and wanted not only digital output, but bluetooth connectivity and the ability to move to lossless audio. I've been very happy so far, and, even before moving to lossless I noticed an improvement in sound quality.

As far as backups go, I have the CDs for most of my music, a copy on my computer, a copy on my mirrored NAS, and, of course, on my M11.

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