ipod 4th gen help???



i am having a problem with my 4th gen ipod... when i plug it into my computer through usb, the ipod does not show up in itunes and the ipod screen displays the "do not disconnect" message. tried resetting the ipod... no luck!! cant restore the ipod or update it as it does not show up on my computer and the updater programme only displays the message "invalid ipod service version". any ideas???

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Try downloading the latest version of the updater and iTunes to see if they can 'see' the iPod.

Also, try Apple's iPod support page. See the iPod hints and tips thread in the MP3 FAQs sticky at the top of the forum.


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My iPOD did exactly this, got it sent back to apple after trying everything, they sent a new one. It did the same again, so am now sending it back pretty much as I write this :suicide:. So I guess the only way is sending it back, if that doesn't work try a different player. I'll stick to my HD1. :D

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