IPOD 10gb



the 10gb ipod for sale on PC worlds website.
Does anyone know what generation it is?
Do is it have a line out or will i need the docking station?
Also how do you charge an ipod, is it usb only or do you get a mains adapter?
The reason i'm interested in the PC world one is that a mate of mine has vouchers for there and i'll be getting it for around £100(a bargain i'd say)


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3rd generation judging by the picture
it has the same ports as it's big brothers and personally I would get the docking station as it does give you much more flexibility.

An ipod is charged through either the dedicated three pin plug via the firewire cable to the bottom port (the mains method) or by using a powered firewire port on your pc (or a powered firewire hub or PCMCIA firewire card). Or you can buy a separate USB to firewire cable (£15 - not supplied in the box)

If you're getting that much off why not buy a 20gb ? It comes with the dock which is £29 from apple.

Or check EBay which is stacked with second hand iPods.
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