iPlayer stopped working on DMR-HW220


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I noticed recently that BBC iPlayer has stopped working on my DMR-HW220. It appears there was an automatic firmware upgrade (to v1.4) which occurred on April 22nd 2013.

Has anyone else had this problem ?

For info, I wrote to Panasonic Support and received the following (immediate) response:-

Dear Mr. Recipient,
Thank you for your e-mail.
In response, we kindly inform you that we are aware of this situation, and we are currently investigating for a solution. Therefore, the only suggestion that we have at the moment is to be patient until we resolve this issue. Moreover, we assure you that the device has no problems, this situation comes from the BBC app and it will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.
We trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind Regards,
Customer Service Team
Panasonic UK

Original Message: I have DMR HW220 Hard Disk recorder. There has veen a recent automatic firmware update to V1.4 on April 22nd. Since then, BBC iPlayer will not work. The iPlayer says this is an unsupported device. I suspect the firmware upgarde has caused the problem, can you please contact your firmware developers to test iPlayer on this Device/Firmware version and advise.


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Yep got same problem with a panasonic DMR-PWT520 and had same response from panasonic email helpline. I've checked the bbc iplayer site and under latest news they say aware of problem affecting some panasonic machines and are investigating. It may be panasonic's new software update or a BBC Iplayer update that's at fault, who knows. However my older DMR-BWT700 still has a working Iplayer app, whereas a friends 720 version has stopped working with iplayer too. Wherever the fault lies I hope it's fixed soon otherwise my new 520 gets returned since I bought it partly for iplayer (though since it seems to affect the '20 series of machines after a recent software update I'd look at panasonic first).:mad:


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err it's now working on iplayer. Might be worth seeing if yours does too.


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Faith restored! iPlayer now working again.
It's amazing just how dependent I have become on this !
Thanks Panasonic/BBC.

... R


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This problem seems to have reoccurred!
I watched iplayer on my Panasonic DMR-PWT520 last night no problem.
This morning on switching on I get a "Sorry we do not support your device" error message when I select iplayer on the Internet menu.
Have tried rebooting router and re-initialising the DVD Recorder but no success.
Any suggestioons or solutions out there?


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Just switched on my dmr hw 220 and yeah same problems as listed above.!!
"Sorry we do not support your device"


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My Panasonic DMR HW220 is still not working with iPlayer!! Is anything being done about this? The programmes I want to watch will soon 'expire'.


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Not sure. Could try the helpline and be put on hold for 2 hours.
Mine was working fine put until a week ago. Still not working yet. Very annoying! !


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This should be working now, had an email from my Panasonic rep 2 days ago. It affected all 2012 Recorders & Players. It was a BBC issue.


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I also received that email from Panasonic and it DID start working! At the same time I received an email from the BBC iPlayer Support saying that they were aware of the problem and looking into it!

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