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I've just purchased a Fire TV Cube to upgrade my 4k stick and I'm having real issues on iPlayer

The iPlayer app has only just been updated so I'm trying to work out if this is an issue with my new cube or simply a but in the new app

Basically I'll start playing something and within the first few seconds to minutes (it changes) it'll pause.
Sometimes I can just resume and see a brief resolution drop, but sometimes it's will completely mess up and act as if I've watched the entire program giving me the next button

It does this on pretty much everything on iPlayer, and sometimes incessantly

Anyone else experiencing this?


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Looks like it may be a known issue

Still not convinced it's not the Cube since I'm having all sorts of funky behaviour with it...


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I have the Fire TV Cube.

One of the main reasons i bought it recently, was that the BBC support it for iPlayer UHD playback.

I have just discovered today, that it plays back UHD bitrate on my 1080p Sony tv @ up to 31mbps, nice.

Still not a fan of the DOG's though. Even the new smaller one does't line up on content, especially BBC Sport.

Thus, i don't really use it for iPlayer that much and haven't noticed any more buffering than normal.

YouTube HDR content looks great though, better than Prime content and the only box i know of, apart from the MacBook, that seems to do it for me, bonus.


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4k Firestick Max which was on offer last week for £39 will do BBC i-player in UHD where the standard current 4k firestick won't.


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FWIW, iPlayer is working faultlessly on my Fire TV cube.


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Does that include HLG HDR on iPlayer UHD ?
My comment was referring to the pause glitch mentioned by Vaderag.

I use a 1080p projector so I don’t need HDR or UHD.

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