iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD etc in WMC


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I've just installed TunerFree MCE which seems good but not really very slick - I can only do it with a mouse really as it opens up iPlayer and the auto play/auto full screen functions don't seem to work.

Is there anything out there a bit more slick than this at all?


Monty Burns

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Yes sir!!!! There is....


there are a few sites that you will need to register with to enable, however this is what I use and find it really good. you can even stream live TV from catuptv.com which is a few seconds behind actual tv but still it's good.

Hope this helps

awesome, thanks very much!:thumbsup:


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Thank you also!
I have the iPlayer plugin working at the moment from someone else but this covers way more services.


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Glad to be of service.

Oh, just remembered...... when you go through the setup of entering in your login details for the relevant services, there is a box at the bottom that needs to be ticked to install for MCE use, can't remember what it says exactly but you'll know it when you see it.

I've also got a couple of Icons (png's) if you use MCS, as the default Icon is pretty ugly. There are some others there too if you like to customize

Download from here


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are you in America or in the UK wanting to view american channels like showcase, HBO etc catchup TV.

There is a very good trick to get these channels in MCE for the UK. I've done it and can prove it works. However don't change your keyboard language to US keep it as UK or some of your keys will switch around :eek:

Quote from FrankGeelen at thegreenbutton

TIP - get INTERNET TV: if you're outside the U.S., you normally can't get Internet TV on Media Center, but there's a trick

Ideally, you should have installed Windows with Language and Region set to "U.S.", and have your Regional Settings (all of them: "Format", "Location" and "System Locale") still set like that when starting Media Center for the first time and running Express Setup.

If you didn't install Windows as "U.S.", you must also copy those settings to the System and Default Accounts. After that, you can do the Express setup. You'll be able to install Internet TV, either immediately, or wait 15 minutes, then quit and restart MCE a few times. If it asks you about placing an Internet TV gadget on your desktop, you've got Internet TV.

Cause for the regional snafu: the updater process which downloads the Internet TV components, "mcupdate.exe", runs under the "NetworkService" account, but only gets Internet TV if that account's regional settings are set to "United States". You can't access them directly; that's why you need to set your system defaults to United States, and copy all settings to all system accounts using the Regional Settings control panel, Administrative tab, "Copy Settings" button.
If you're set to e.g. Dutch, French, German... regional settings, you won't get the option, as Internet TV is only for American (and possibly British too ? not sure..) customers. Thankfully Microsoft doesn't do IP checks for this. Some hints as to what can be done are found in this KB article.

If it doesn't work, or if you had already done the MCE Setup with the wrong regional settings, you can try the following to fix the problem:
Stop the Windows Media Center Scheduler Service and Receiver Service, if they're running
Delete everything in the folders "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Ehome" and "C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Ehome"
Go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options
Set the Formats, Location, and System Locale (in the Administrative Tab) to "United States" or "English (United States)"
Click the "Copy settings" button, and copy the settings to all accounts (Welcome Screen and System Accounts + New User Accounts)
The system will ask you to reboot if you change the System Locale - do it.
Start Media Center, do the Express Setup
Wait for about 15 minutes
Execute the following in a DOS command prompt (with User Account Control disabled, of course) [note: sometimes this step isn't necessary]:
cd \
cd c:\Windows\ehome
mcupdate -uf –nogc
If McUpdate then crashes: run the following:
mcupdate -uf
Exit Media Center, and start it again: hopefully it will now ask you if you want to place an Internet TV Gadget on your desktop, in which case it's worked.


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Have you managed to get fast forward or skip forwards (or rewind) working on this yet? I've tried it on this and in TunerFree MCE but can't seem to get it to work.



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Have you managed to get fast forward or skip forwards (or rewind) working on this yet? I've tried it on this and in TunerFree MCE but can't seem to get it to work.


Nope, I don't know if the developer is still working on this project, however I think that it's very difficult for 3rd party software to tap into the FF/RWD functions in MCE (however I don't know why as they use APP_Commands).

Have you tried out MediaControl. This is a good add on for MCE to actually get FF/RWD working in MCE plugins such as Mediabrowser. You can also switch streams and subtitles from your remote. I used to use it and it worked well, not sure why I don't now come to think of it.

thanks Davey i will look into that !!

Let me know how you got on

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