IPL Acoustics SW2 subwoofer review


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Hi I have spent the better part of today building a IPL SW2 Kit subwoofer.

I am going to post a first impressions report on its sound hopefully tomorrow.

I have fully built the main box with wood glue screws and additional joint bracing blocks, the box is very solid.

Silicon sealent has been added to ensure a totaly air tight box, I am currently waiting for it to cure so I can add the Plate amp and Audax subwoofer.

I am can't wait to hear how good it sounds (It feel like it is christmas LOL).

The sub will be put into my bedroom Home Theater, balanced and calibrated to dolby refrence using my SPL meter.

My other hardware are as follows.

DVD Player Lg 3220e.
Amplifier Denon AVR-1802.
Mission M73 Floorstanders.
Mission M7c2 Center.
Mission M7ds Surround speakers.
Ixos 1 meter gold Digital coxial cable.
5 Meter Gold scart cable.
10 meter speaker cable x 3.

All speakers will be set to small and bass redirected to subwoofer only.

If any one has any questions feel free to ask.

I don't think you'll be dissapointed, i've got 2 in my system. They're running off an Lexicon MC12 as stereo subs, with an M&K 150 as the LFE. I wouldn't say they're good enough to perform LFE duties, they only drop cleanly to about 27 Hz'ish in my room, where as the M&K will drop flat to 20Hz, but to fill out the bass for my other speakers they're perfect. For the price i think they're a bargain. The only thing you absolutely must get right is to make sure the box is airtight, just run a load of sealant or glue along the inside edge, and i'd buy thicker draft excluder for the driver and amp unit. It absolutely must be airtight !!!!!!

Good luck and enjoy



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Perhaps a year or so ago i posted my thoughts on the IPL sub, i biult one for a friend and then compared it directly to my old Rel storm mk1 and storm mk3 which i was using at the time, in absolute terms the IPL did not perform as well as the Rel's but then at a third of the cost nor was i expecting it to, that said i was surprised at how well it did perfrom given it's <£300 origins and as has been stated here on several occasions before it should be considered as very good value for money.


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