iphone_4 rattle.?


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Apr 19, 2007
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North Wales..
whilst 'shaking to shuffle' I noticed a slight rattle, around the earpiece area :rolleyes: im guessing its not s'posed to rattle.? Have a shake will you guys..
No rattle for me here. I looked a plonker doing it in the middle of work just now, but def nothing at all.
lol..cheers guys, doesn't sound like anything is broken but definitely noise there

I may be completely wrong, but could it not be the axelorometer (spelling lol)... if so why is mine not making a noise :)
Just gave my phone a vigorous shake, no rattle.
On my 3G the sleep/wake button rattles very slightly, something similar perhaps?
No noise here.
There is however a rattle if I have it in my Bumper case so it's the case not the phone.
I'm sure its nothing to worry about,

I personally think its the giro thingy me bob
there could be some sort of magnetism which sometimes prevents it from rattling, all I know is mine rattles a tiny little bit but does sometimes go away

I wouldn't worry about it
But i'd stop rattling it trying to hear something... surely that can't be good for it!
No your meant to be able to shake the phone, Facebook requires you to do just that to update pages
I shook my 3GS to change tracks and noticed a rattle as well, I imagine it's the accelerometer.
No rattles here :smashin:
give it a little tap with your finger nail around the apple logo on the back. If it doesn't rattle, I'd be amazed.
Yeh nice one Chosddo2006, that's the exact rattle I'm hearing

Think that's just the accelerometer moving :)

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