Iphone5s and Harmony HUB


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I want to/need to have RF remote control for my home cinema components (Denon AVR X2200 volume, and Sony BDP S7200 transport and menu controls). In essence, when watching a movie I just need to control blu-ray disc play/pause/title, and AVR volume.

Can the logitech iphone app, in conjunction with the 'hub' allow all these controls on one simple single screen interface on my iPhone? Does the iphone talk to the hub via bluetooth?

Also, can it 'learn' from old 'IR' remotes?

Sorry for the dumb questions. I am no good with remote controls :rotfl::(
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Yes, that will work, but something much simpler - and cheaper - will do the same.
No learning wIll be needed.


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Spill the beans then!


If you don't really want the phone thing then almost any remote from £15 up will do it.
With the phone thing you do need a Harmony hub which will cost a lot more - and is meant to do a lot more.

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