iphone4 unlocking from o2


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ive just had an iphone 4 unlocked from the o2 network but it still doesnt work with my orange sim card. the shop i had it unlocked at said that i had to register the phone with apple, how long should this take?


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I had it done at the phone clinic at Leeds market, they are claiming its unlocked but say the phone had to be registered at my address with apple?? I've tried it on iTunes but its still locked.


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When they say registered all i can think they mean is logged into your itunes account on your mac/pc.


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all you need to do is plug it into iTunes when signed in and it'll pop up that its unlocked

id be going back and getting a refund
o2 will do it free on contract or £15 on pay and go


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I had my 3G unlocked through O2 - all they do is send an unlock request to Apple in the USA, who mark it as unlocked on their system, then you plug it into iTunes and see this;



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How long has it been since you requested the unlock?
2 Weeks for the 1st time a week for the second. I can't do it myself the original owner of the iPhone has done it. I'm not an O2 customer.
I've given up, I use a GiffGaff SIM so it doesn't really matter.


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I was told within a week but it's been 3 now. Anyway I'll be going back today for a refund, I've filled in a form from O2 so I'll see what happens with that!

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