iPhone4 - brain fried, can someone help?

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I've had an absolutely nuts couple of weeks at work and haven't been able to keep up to date with what is going on with the iPhone4.

My situation is that I have a 3G, am with O2, and am now just past the end of my contract so could theoretically shift my contract to the Simplicity £20 a month arrangement, if that is still available?

So I'm wondering what my best option is. I'm due an upgrade, and if I do this, presumably I have to stay on my current contract which is like £45 a month but gives unlimited data and all the minutes and texts I'll need. Alternatively perhaps I should shift to Simplicity and buy a PAYG ip4, keeping the monthly cost down. Or is my 20 hours a day job making me mis some amazing alternative option?


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Basically, if your out of contract, your a free agent.

Shop around and get the best deal for you, when the info is out.


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Yes, my brain is fried with all this too. Could they make it any more complicated?

However, I can tell you that if you upgrade your phone to the iPhone 4 through a contract deal (18 or 24 months), they will make you move to one of the new contracts without unlimited data.

I don't completely understand the implications of PAYG or Simplicity though. I thought I was pretty savvy about this stuff but I think I need an idiots' guide!


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There is a sticky for tariff discussion please dont create new threads
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