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IPhone with gmail


Just got an iphone having been using a blackberry for sometime i had got used to just having my email come through like a text message.

When I click mail on the iphone it brings up different options one of which is gmail i press this put in my details and it brings up my mail box.

Problem is i now have around 6000 unopened emails as i never used to delete them or open them on the pc since i had the blackberry.

Any way round this other than going through the whole mailbox on the pc and marking them unread or deleting them?

Also is it possible to get "push" email on the iphone like the blackberry?


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I can't remember off the top of my head whether the 2G supports ActiveSync... but if you have an 'Exchange' option available when you go to configure a new email account, you can use this to get Push email on your iPhone.

Google 'Google Mobile Sync' and you'll find the instructions on how to set it up. You'll end up with Push email, contacts and calendar.


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s1hastie, this is very easy to do.

First go to your web browser (on your PC) and go to your gmail. Do the following;

Click "ALL MAIL" on the left (1)
Click "SELECT : ALL" (2)
Click "SELECT ALL xxxxx conversations in All Mail" (3)
And finally click "Mark As Read" (4) - this might be under the "More Actions" button on yours)


Right, that's your email marked as read.

Next, iPhone.

You can either set it up by IMAP (which is probably how you've done it already) or you can set up Push. If you want Push, then look here;

Setting Up Your iPhone or iPod Touch : Google Sync - Mobile Help

After setting up which ever method you prefer, go to your Settings app on your iPhone, go to Mail and Calendars, and go to the fetch settings. Make sure Push is set to on, and Fetch is set to manual.



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You could also just make a new folder in your email acc and place all the stuff you want to keep in there. As long as you don`t open the folder on the phone it won`t download them.


Cheers for the suggestions.

GOt it sorted using the details on the thread given by spiderman.

Some how i managed to delete all my emails in my gmail account. 5 years worth.

Oh well I suppose it needed a spring clean.

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