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iPhone Sennheiser Momentum 2 bass issue. Oh no!

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I have just treated myself to a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2 over ear headphones. Older set but as new opened box unused.

Plugged them into my iPhone straight out of the box and was really disappointed. After reading all the reviews and coming to the conclusion that they were going to be my new best friend. They just sounded tinny. Like listening to music through an empty tin of beans.

So connected my iPhone to aux in and Sennheisers to headphone jack out on my trusty old Kenwood amp and Whoosh! THIS is what everybody's talking about. Warm, clear, full, playful sounds. And lots of lovely BASS. The kind of sounds that makes you fall in love with each song again.

But I bought these to listen to music on the go. Ideally through my iPhone. Have searched the web for a while and can't find any info about iPhones struggling to drive these lovely headphones.

I've tried the Settings-Music-EQ-Bass Booster avenue. Ziltch!

I've tried bass boosting apps. More Ziltch!

I've even considered buying a small separate amp but that's a bit too much to fit in my pocket.

Any ideas or info greatly appreciated. Do I have to return these and get very iPhone specific bass boosted model?

Many thanks in advance


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The solution is obvious, but not pleasant. Any of the plug in DAC units will return the smile to your face. . I refer to these items Cyrus Soundkey, Dragon Firefly. These are small DACs and headphone amplifiers which plug into USB / Apple connection on the phone and replace the audio section of the phone. You will get the WoW back. The downside is that the phone battery depletes quicker, and you have a yoke on the end of another string or lead.
I had a set of Momentum on ears (had in that now my wife has them). When I used the Soundkey on a Samsung S7 , it was immediately apparent, volume was louder but more importantly, everything was stronger and clearer ..not just louder.. actually I had to turn them down.

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Thank you for your answer dannnielll,
Exploring the external DACs briefly before I hadn’t seen any that were as super dinky as the two you suggested. Great recommendations👍👍

Following your suggestions and reading a bit more it was interesting to find out that the iPhone is perfectly capable of producing higher end audio it just ‘chooses’ not to. As in software not hardware.
I could definitely live with something like the Firefly attached for the extra sound quality.
I’ll also need the Apple lightning adapter as well. As you say, not the most elegant setup but who said the pursuit of audio perfection was going to be pretty, or cheap.
Thanks again

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