Question Iphone se 2020 acting funny sometimes when unplugged or plugged in


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2 and a half weeks ago I bought a brand new IPhone se 2020. This is my first time ever as an iPhone user and the first real money I've spent on a phone. Before, my daily phone was a sub 80 dollar android phone. Last week, I noticed something funny when I was unplugging the phone in the morning. I unplugged the cord, and I noticed the screen never came on. Any other time it would come on almost instantaneous. It took around 30 seconds before it finally came. I thought it was weird but I moved on. A couple days after that, I go to plug it in before bed and I notice nothing happened. I doubled checked that the charger was in and nothing. I unplugged it from the phone and plugged it back in and it began charging. I had a laptop that did that, so I moved on. It worked good the next few nights until last night, I plugged it in to charge, and nothing happened. I remembered that it took 30 seconds for the screen to come on after I unplugged it that one time, so I just waited to see if it would do anything. I don't know how long i waited but it felt like 15 to 20 seconds. Nothing happened, so I hit the screen button on the side. As soon as I pressed it, the screen came on and I heard the charging chime noise. Another thing I noticed in the battery menu, the time is always a few minutes off. I unplugged it this morning and the screen came on and it was 8:20 but when I looked in the battery menu, around noon, it says it was unplugged at 8:22.

I updated to the latest update as soon as I got the phone, am using the stock cable and charger that came with it. Optimized battery charging is turned off. There is no loose connections anywhere because i nudged the charger, both ends of the cable, and even moved the phone around with the cord in, and it never broke the connection from charging. Being 2 and a half weeks old, the charging port is still pristine clean, as to be expected. I've ruled out anything being dirty and messing with the connection, because if lint or something was physically blocking it, pressing the screen button 1 million times wouldn't start it charging, you'd have to physically remove whatever was blocking the connection. Simply pressing the button wouldn't fix that. I, out of habit, reboot a phone every 3 or 4 days. The first time it did this, I was about day 2 or 3 of uptime. And last night when it did it, I had rebooted it about 2 hours prior to when I plugged it in. Regardless, even when these problems occur, it still charges perfectly and the battery life is great throughout the day. I can go from morning to night without ever having to charge it.

A buddy of mine is letting me borrow his stock cable and 1 amp charger that he'd been using for a few months before he switched to wireless


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Your phone is brand new.
Why on earth post here about it, contact Apple and they will replace it.


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The nearest apple store to me is 100 miles away. Not something I can easily do. And I'm very dependent on having to have a phone on hand at all times for emergencies. I stopped into a local repair shop, and by chance the owner was there so I could speak to someone knowledgeable. They told me that they've had a few people complain about the same thing, even on phones that were in known good shape and suddenly developed the problem. They said that their personal iPad has developed it too, and after digging further online I see lots of others complaining about similar problems, so it appears to be a software issue.


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The nearest apple store to me is 100 miles away. Not something I can easily do. And I'm very dependent on having to have a phone on hand at all times for emergencies
Don't you have a postal service wherever you’re based?
I bought a new iPhone online a few weeks ago from Apple and traded in my old one.
I didn't need to go near a shop and I was never without a phone.


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Maybe not the solution you're looking for but if it was me, I'd buy another and return the faulty one when it arrives to save being without one.


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maybe go for higher model

That’s not the answer. Not heard of this fault and didn’t think it came with its own charger as most haven’t for years just a USB to lightning cable. However the answer here is you get it replaced either in person or by post. Don’t fiddle, you might get a very expensive paper weight.

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