iphone se (1st generation)

Lola Baron

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Doers anyone know if the Apple store is still selling the original iphone se (not the 2020 model)? My wife wishes to replace hers to get more memory and a more recent os, but she struggles to carry a phone much heavier than the se (113g) because of having fibromyalgia. All the more recent models seem to be nearer 140g or more so it's an original se or nothing.


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The iPhone 12 mini is listed as 133g. A bit more and obviously closer to 140g, but the lightest current iPhone. I think you'll struggle to find an original SE for sale new.

I've got one that we use as a baby monitor but that battery is shocking now and the back's a bit loose, but it was a good phone that served me well. The trend now does seem to be 'bigger is better', and with that comes weight, unfortunately.

Dave X

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Another option would be to buy from one of the recyclers and budget for a new battery fitted by Apple. Should be less than £150 all in.

My only suggestion would be to look for a 32GB, it’s likely to be much newer than the other capacities as it was a much later release.

For example:



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You probably could find a refurbished SE but it’s unlikely that you would get a more recent OS than the one you already have. Unless you haven’t updated it.

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