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I'm one of those strange people who doesn't own, or ever intends to own, a computer (weirdo).

What I do have is a Sony PS3 full of my ripped CD collection and the intention to buy an iphone 3G. Can anyone tell me if there's a way of getting the music on the PS3 to the iphone? I know previous ipods (and even the old iphone) could be used as USB hard drives, which would probably have been fine to just plug into the PS3, but I've heard the iphone 3g doesn't do this.

Any help much appreciated, although the first person to say 'Get a PC/Mac' gets a slap.


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In a word: no.

Even iPods that can be used as external hard drives would not work this way. You can't just dump tunes on to the drive and expect the iPod/iPhone to pick them up. This is due to their inherent crapness (and DRM).

You can do it with Sandisk and Archos products though (Windows and Symbian mobiles can do it too). I recommend the Sansa Fuze.



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I'll risk it!

You can't realistically use an iPhone without a PC or Mac. You need a computer to do the initial set-up, and no, the iPhone won't work as usb HDD mode to allow you to add files (not as standard anyway).

The iPhone (and any iPods for that matter) won't play mp3's stored on them in disc mode as far as I know.

Now I'm sure some clever people who have jail-broken (hacked) the software to allow them to do different things with the iPhone that Apple didn't intend, can probably enable usb HDD mode, but I still don't think you would be able to play the mp3's. Regardless, you would need a PC or Mac to do the hack.

Hope this helps.

btw, if you're planning on buying a computer, Get A Mac! :D


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Thanking you ladies and gents.

I expect hacking the iphone will be more trouble than it's worth (and again involving one of those blasted computer-things). Recommendations for media players duly noted but I really want a joint phone/music player for convienience. I might have to get another Sony Ericsson despite a hate of my current one (C905 - useless).

I wouldn't get a mac just because it seems Apple are being intentially difficult with the whole iphone setup.

Never mind, the definitive answer, even though it's negative, is appreciated.

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