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iPhone music on a different laptop-unable to play tracks or playlist

New Start Neil

Distinguished Member
Hi all,

Am I missing something here?

I've put my music on my iPhone using my laptop at home, but when I connect it to my laptop at work although I can see all the tracks and playlists, they are all greyed out and not playable. :confused: :(

Alternatively, is there any other software I can use other than iTunes to be able to play the tracks and playlists on my iPhone?

The tracks are all ripped from CDs that I own (as opposed to ones purchased via the iTunes store).

Thanks in advance. :)


Established Member
It is not possible using iTunes to transfer music from your iPhone to another PC legitimately. This is to prevent anyone sharing music (even though it is yours to share in the first place). The way to go is to use a 3rd party app to transfer your music, etc to the work laptop. I am not going to recommend one here because most are proprietary. I would search using Google for 'iPhone to PC itunes'. Of course, once you find the app of your dreams I am sure you can find it elsewhere for free :smashin:


Distinguished Member
See this is why I don't use iTunes! Why should I be restricted, heavily, from playing the music I legally own?!?!?

There are many free and legal to use programmes on the net for this that do not infringe on copyright protection. To be on the safe side, I won't provide any links, you'll have to find them yourself - remember, Google is your friend ;)

Get a copy of a a free, legal programme called iDump - google it - and install on your work laptop. Plug in the iPhone, then copy the music from the phone to the computer.

Now, I probably thinking you don't want to COPY the music from your phone onto the work PC, otherwise you'd have just dont it over a CD or similar - so I guess you want to plug the phone in as an external HDD playing the music through the PC? If so, this can still be done. Go to Google and type in "ipod to PC". First link at the very top should be "ipodtocomputer" - install that. This worked for my friends iTouch when he wanted to play some video files from the iTouch through a computer. Showed the iopd connected, showed what was on it, let you play it, and we didn't bother copying it to the PC. No idea if iDump does this, I only know of it as a tool to take data off an ipod prior to resetting it and wiping it.


Distinguished Member
I just installed this programme (ipodtocomputer) and tested with my ipod - worked fine. Shows the contents of the ipod library, I double clicked a track and it openend my Windows Media Player and began playing it no problem.


Distinguished Member
Right, doesn't seem to work with the iTouch on my computer - even tho it did on my friends when we initially tried it...Strange!

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