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i'll cut to the chase, i've been using an old Macbook as my primary computer and i'm replacing it with my Macbook Pro so i can sell on the old one.

all my iPhone and iPad apps, etc are sync'ed thru the old Macbook. if i use time machine to backup all my stuff to an external hard drive, then plug into the Macbook Pro and restore it all will this keep all my apps and backups so i can just begin sync'ing to the Macbook Pro instead?



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I would have thought that when setting up the new Mac, Migration Assistant will have retrieved/extracted all the iPad/iPhone data from the old Mac or TM backup. I haven't done this myself - surely some one here have done it?

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Yes camfire is correct. Just have your external drive plugged in on your new MacBook and start migration assistant. It will then read from that back and restore your stuff. Easy ;-)


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So, you want to move the data as well as the HDD to the new MBP....

Clone the MB's HDD (with SuperDuper!) onto an USB external drive - this gives you peace of mind against hiccups.

Swap the new MBP's HDD with the old MB's HDD.

Start up the new MBP using the OS install disc and use Archive & Install (pls correct me here) to "merge" new OS with existing data/apps. Or just a fresh install with the external (cloned) HDD hooked up for Migration Assistant to pull the data over.

"Refresh" the old MB with its install disc.

EDIT: the external drive with the TM backup will do as well for Migration Assistant.

EDIT: the procedure implies the use of another external HDD, but if you can use DiskUtility to re-partition the current external HDD without destroying data, then you not only have a volume to do the cloning on for the future, but also keep the existing TM backups.
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