iPhone apps with magic button for sony bluray remote hack


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I am planning on buying a universal remote and struggling to decide between the many harmony options and the many iphone options.

Both my wife and I have an iPhone such an app would be pretty nifty. I am particularly keen on the ones that connect to the ir sender via wifi as it means I could leave my wooden separates cabinet closed with the IR sender in it (and the wife is so against having the doors open that she keeps blocking them up with a chair).

My main concern is I want a remote that will make my Sony Bluray player region-free. It would likely end up being the deciding factor as the remotes that would otherwise unlock my Sony s370 cost £13.

Apparently, doing so is really easy on a one-for-all, but tricky on a harmony:


I can't find anything about whether any of the new iPhone peripherals that came out this year have this capability. Does anyone know more about this? I'm fairly new to the idea that you can only unlock a player with a rival remote and I've been putting off a universal remote purchase for over 10 years.


It's something completely new to me that the option to add codes manually is available.
However it actually doesn't seem to be at all tricky, though some details make it look that way.
I don't see why it couldn't be done using an existing account and an existing or new device.
You get the option to name the new command each time so they shouldn't get overwritten.
Nor does it seem necessary to put them into the automatic startup procedure of an Activity.
You could Customise them to buttons and send them manually with the required one second separations.

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