Iphone and blackberry account?


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Hi all,

I've been trawling the net all morning but to no avail so hoping someone may know the answer:

I am running an unlocked iphone 3g using Vodafone uk with a blackberry account/subscription plus a 500mb internet/data package. My question is how can i get my emails to push in the same way as when my sim was in my blackberry or do blackberry accounts/subscriptions only work with blackberrys and am I basically wasting £15 a month subscribing to a service I don't actually need?

Many thanks:smashin:

Gary D

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i don't think you need the service, as the "push" on the iPhone is pretty good (with my Gmail account). I don't have much experiance of "consumer" blackberries - i have a work one that uses my company BES server - i'm not sure how it works on a contract phone.

I'd say that the blackberry email service better than the iPhones as the email is delivered immedatley where as on the iPhone you have to set the interval when it will check for mail. But i'm not sure its £15 a month better (although that depends on your requirements.)



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The blackberry subscription wont give you push email on the iphone.

I believe that yahoo pushes to the iphone for free, or you could try mobileme.

The blackberry package you have is for a connection to the blackberry network and will only work with a blackberry device.

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