Question iPhone 7+ Voice breaks when on speaker


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When on loud speaker or a FaceTime call the people I am calling keep telling me my voice is breaking and sound is intermittent on my iPhone 7+
It’s fine when not on loudspeaker. I have called my home phone voicemail and have heard the breaking in my voice. If I say the alphabet it misses out pretty much every other letter as the sound drops on and off.

I’ve seen there to have been errors with iPhone 7 mics and here’s what I’ve done so far

update latest software
Reset all settings
Record a voice memo - no fault
Record a video on rear and front camera - no fault
Talk to Siri - no fault

It is only when on a call or WhatsApp call!!

My guess is that it needs a new front camera flex ribbon which includes a mic?

Can anyone offer help please?


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