Question iPhone 6S Plus screen smashed!


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Help! I've dropped my iPhone 6S Plus, and the top right of the screen is smashed with smaller cracks elsewhere. Lucky that the phone is still completely operational, but need to get it replaced. Obviously I want it to be reputable, and for 3D Touch to work as well as it did out of the box, but Apple's quote of somewhere not of £150 seems unreasonable. Any tips of where I can get it done cheaper? Or horror stories of what to avoid?



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From experience I would only get it repaired at Apple. We use our phones daily and a cheap replacement will detract from its use in my experience - less responsive, de lamination, de-value.


As above pay for the experts at Apple to do it, you might be able to get it done cheaper somewhere else, but it may not work aswell and might be an inferior screen fitted. at least if you take it to Apple you'll know it'll have the exact same screen fitted and you won't be able to tell its been taken apart.


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if you really don't want to pay apple prices i would recommend shoreditch macs. they are based in london but carry out repairs throughout the uk. they are a good price and they use genuine apple parts so repairs come with a guarantee

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