iPhone 6s home button not working after screen replacement


Hi all,

I got a very strange problem on my iPhone 6s. My original screen broke so I replaced the screen. After the replacement the home button is not working, neither the clicking or touch id. I put back the original screen and the home button was working on the broken screen.

I tried 3 different 6s screens and on no one worked the home button, only on the original screen. The screens are bought from different sellers so they are not the same.

What could be the problem?
The connection to the home button is not only sensitive but can easily make touch id inoperable. In my experience especially with non-authentic screens.

Is your touch id still working?


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The original post is not clear. You should keep the home button from the original display and swap that in. If that does not work you possibly damaged the touch id ribbon or something during the attempts


The home button works fine on the original LCD. But when I plug the home button to the non OEM screen, the home button is not working. I tried 3 different non OEM screens from different sellers and on all the home button is not working.


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I once sold an iPhone (it transpired it had a 3rd party screen) that was working fine until I updated it to the then latest iOS release.

It rendered the Touch ID inoperable.

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