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After breaking a more recent iPhone, I’m back to using an iPhone 6S with a brand new battery to give it a new lease of life.

I’m enjoying the smaller size and I’d like to continue using it for a year or so, probably before buying something more modern.

From what I can tell, the next iOS won’t make its way to the 6S. That could be this Autumn?

What risks exist in continuing to use this phone beyond then (ie after it becomes unsupported)?

I don’t quite understand the implications. Are there security risks? That might hasten a new purchase….



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It’s not be confirmed that the 6S won’t receive iOS 16. However, it seems likely it won’t. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be any security risks

Even though the iPhone 6 didn’t receive iOS15, Apple has still given occasional security updates when a particularly nasty vulnerability was found.

So it’s likely that a similar pattern will emerge with the 6S.

I think that as long as one takes reasonable precautions there will be very limited risk.
For example:
Always use 2FA for any logins
Never re-use passwords
Use a password manager, never write them down (this also means you can use stronger passwords)
Don’t share passwords.
Don’t visit untrusted websites
Try not to be gullible. If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.
Use a VPN if accessing public WiFi
If using a public charger or someone else’s charger, make sure you use a charge only lead (without the data wires)


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Thanks! Sounds like good advice.

I guess also that over time my apps won't work as well or in the (very) long term be incompatible.

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