iPhone 6, netflix to projector?


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Hi All, we have an excellent viewsonic projector in our van for weekends away and I'd like to be able to download for offline viewing some tv series etc. from Netflix rather than somehow trying to load up a USB with mp4s. I've got an old iPhone 6 going spare so have got an older version of netflix running on it but now need to work out casting it to the projector. I know apple do a genuine lightening to HDMI adapter but I dont think it'll work with the HDCP protection. Can anyone share a solution they've got working for casting netflix content? Only other idea is to pick up a cheap android phone but would rather than have another device knocking round.


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appletv .... even an older one...

there are also other non apple solutions..


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Cheers but the Apple TV would need power then and because we’re using it in the van, a mobile setup, that wouldnt work. That’s the same reason why we’re using a battery powered view sonic as well.

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