iPhone 6 music ... better on iOS 9.1


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iPhone 6 music sounds better to me on iOS 9.1.

Prior to this it always seemed a bit too bright to me due to insufficient bass and lower midrange I think, almost like it was an octave too high.

iOS 9.1 has finally got the stock Music app sounding right (to me), I am finally happy with listening to music on my iPhone 6 for the very first time.

Having said that I have never seen anyone complain about their music quality on their iPhone 6. So I think it must just be me being picky.


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I'm probably one of the most biggest apple fan boys around but I was left very disappointed with Apple Music.

I had nothing but trouble with playlist, logging in, offline mode and although the interface looked prettier than Spotify it wasn't as good.

Sound quality was also another issue!

It's good to know that it's improving though.. I'm going to give it another chance once they update it a bit more as it came across like an unfinished product.


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Thanks TC-18. People who know me , know I am an Apple fanboy too, I should be working for Apple. (I'm a Starbucks fanboy too!)

Sadly I too am not a fan of the Apple Music app layout.

In my opinion , the iPhone 5 (not even the 5S or 5C -though they are the closest sounding) was the best sounding iPhone for music. I still use it for music, I always go back to it. But the Apple Music update in iOS 8.4 messed up the audio quality of the iP5, I know this because I updated my wife's iPhone 5 as a Guinea pig and kept mine on iOS 8.3.

I am going to try updating the wife's iPhone 5 to iOS 9.1 but I somehow doubt it will restore the audio quality to what it was and I will probably never update my iPhone 5 iOS.

I bought a sealed boxed iP5 a few months ago as a backup device, it is running iOS 8.3 like my existing one.

I have had my iP6 since release day , that's more than a year now , most of which I have shunned it for music , iOS update after iOS update , but with iOS 9 (and even moreso with the iOS 9.1 update) is the first time I thought yes , it is finally worthy as a music player now, but not the best sounding iPhone , at least not yet to me and in my humble opinion !

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