IPhone 5s Intermittent Notification Problems.


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I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with their notifications on their iPhone. On occasion I get the banner on my lockscreen as normal but no accompanying sound is played. Normally this is on WhatsApp but I've also noticed that on occasion, I'll also miss calls due to the phone not ringing. I've seen the usual 'check your settings' solutions online but the thing that has confused me is the fact that most of the time the sounds are there OK and then all of a sudden the odd one will be missing. My initial thought was that I should just get another phone but I'd hate to spend hundreds of quid on a new phone only to find that the problem can be fixed on my current one. I've updated the ios to the latest one and also updated WhatsApp. My signal is OK too. Frustratingly, my partner is using the same WhatsApp group and her phone will 'ping' out notifications while we are sitting together in the same room when mine misses them so I don't think that it's a signal issue anyway.

Thanks very much.


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