Question Iphone 5 dead after battery change


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I was changing out the battery on my son's iphone 5 the other day and now the phone has stopped working. This is something I have done a few times before and it's a simple enough task but on this occasion something went drastically wrong.

Before I got chance to unclip the battery there was a small puff of smoke from the top right corner were the clips for the screen etc are under the metal clip. The shorting was due to a small screw coming out the speaker and falling between the battery and the clips that are exposed.
I tried my son's old battery and the new battery and it wont turn on or connect to the computer. Is this repairable ? I'm not that bad repairing and with small electrical boards surface mounts etc. The only reason I am trying to repair is, my teenage son stupidly has a lot of work related info in the iphone that he stupidly didn't have backed up.


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It's probably a goner.
The problem would be identifying which part was short-circuited and you can't tell what damage has been done in other areas.


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Maybe because of the unsteady voltage or short-circuited or sth else, the iphone has stopped working. You should check circuit

How is the OP supposed to check the circuit?
He has shorted out a component hence the puff of smoke.

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