iPhone 4s Unlock by Vodafone


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Wondering if anyone has a 4s that has paid Vodafone to unlock it.

Reason I ask is I purchased one today, the phone is new but from a random that was selling it due to not wanting the upgrade from his contract. I've gone on to the vodafone website, found the unlock request form and filled in the details using his phone number (which related to the phone) but entering my email details hoping they would make all contact via email. So far, I’ve had the request confirmation email :thumbsup: I’m wondering if anyone else has done this via vodafone as to how they complete the process such as payment? Or do they actually get in contact?

Appreciate your knowledge / advice
if your on contract with vf they unlock for free you should of got the previous owner to fill out the form but it still might get done for free takes upto 3 days,they dont physically get in contact you get 1 confirmation email then 1 to state its now unlocked either insert another sim in the handset or do a restore
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Hey, thanks for your help.
I asked the seller at the time to complete the form but he wasnt happy to do it... He was worried i would have his details which is bizare! Anyway, ive entered his number which is assigned to the imie on the phone so im hoping it will go through fine with the need of contact. Thanks for your help :thumbsup:

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I've read here of people on here getting people getting Vodafone to unlock their iPhones when they rang them to say they were travelling abroad and needed to use a different SIM while travelling.

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