iPhone 4S - No Volume Available


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Hi there.

Sorry if this is a done-to-death topic, but the sound on my iPhone 4S no longer works.

It happened without a trigger. I was listening to the TuneIn Radio app. One moment it was fine, the next it was broken.

YouTube does not work with sound either, although alarms and phone calls do work, which I thought was strange as it comes out of the same speaker.

I have tried the obviously remedies in terms of restarting the device and clearing the speakers from dust etc but have had no success.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Might be worth the old standard hold down power and the home button together until it starts rebooting and the apple logo shows on the screen. Normally not a bad place to start if you havent done it already.


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Sorry, I meant that I have already tried that and nothing changed. Pretty frustrating! Thanks though..


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Do you an airport express or Apple TV?

I sometimes wonder why my phone has no sound, then realise it's still set to airplay through one of he above.


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No I don't run either of those, but thanks anyway.

Looks like it has malfunctioned and I'll need to visit those Genius guys. Grr.

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