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Hi All, help please.
I bought my wife an iphone 4s (she is currently on contract with talkmobile.)

The iphone came from Vodafone and apparently locked to vodafone, Ive cut her SIM down and inserted into her new phone however she gets "No Service" displayed.

Does this message mean I cannot use her SIM in the iphone? I was under the impression that TM use Vodafone so shouldnt be a problem! Ive emailed TM to see if they can do anything.

She had no problems using the SIM in her old iPhone3

Many thanks.


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The phone will be completely locked to Vodafone.

Although talkmobile use Vodafone's network they are still classed as two separate carriers as would Tesco Mobile who use O2's network and Virgin Mobile who use Everything Everywhere's network (T-Mobile and Orange).


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Ok Ive been back to vodafone and got the phone unlocked for £20

Ive done the iTunes restore and had the message "Congratulations your iphone is now unlocked"

However - I still have EXACTLY the same issue...

"No service"....."Searching"....."No service"....."Searching"....

If I turn off automatic carrier and try to select a manual carrier, none ever appear in the list?

Have I got a duff iPhone? Im pulling my hair out now.

Fixed myself found this from internet....

this is what i did:
1. sync with itunes to save data
2. disconnect from itunes and remove sim
3. reset phone to manufacturer (delete everything)
4. set as new phone (instead of using a backup)
5. put sim back when asked
5. sync with itunes
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