iPhone 4 - Which network has the best data speed and coverage?

Which network for speed and coverage when it comes to data? Please explain your votes

  • O2

    Votes: 35 25.0%
  • Orange

    Votes: 16 11.4%
  • T-Mobile

    Votes: 21 15.0%
  • Vodafone

    Votes: 31 22.1%
  • 3 Mobile

    Votes: 44 31.4%

  • Total voters


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Will be getting my first iphone and considering both PAYG & contract.

Don't make many calls or texts but want great data usage with good coverage & speed.

Currently use a PAYG BB Bold 9700 on Orange but is O2 or T-mobile better?

If I intend to use this phone for 18months is a contract better or purchase PAYG?

Mod Comment 9th June: At time of writing four operators have declared for the iPhone 4. The poll is not a final indication of the intent of the remaining 3 smaller operators
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T-Mobile. Good allowance, great reception.
O2: great allowance, bad reception. Nonexistant in some areas, patchy edge/3g in others
Orange: fair bit of reception, some notspots, awfully low arbitary limit on data use
T Mobile seem to have the best coverage
everywhere i go i always get a 3g connection and i get unlimited usage for £5 extra a month


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But is it only O2 that include the free wifi coverage? How useful is that?

If I get a PAYG handset can I put any SIM in it?


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I get good coverage with tmobile both at home and work on 3G but I don't get full speed hspda.Some tarriffs like the sim only with Internet booster don't get it.


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I used to be on tmobile, but now I'm on O2.

Tmobile seems to have more coverage, but poor on delivering Internet/services. Example, on occasions when I try to lookup train times on national rail app, it might take forever to receive the information even on full 3G with Tmobile. I always get frustrated them.

On O2, if I get a single bar of 3G, I'm guaranteed full speed Internet. This has happened 98% times which I'm happy at the moment.

I think O2 is much better


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I have both an iPad and planning to upgrade to the iPhone 4 as well. I am not on any contract just iPhone 20 simplicity. Should I stay with o2 or change?

I am in central London so they all have good coverage. I want the fastest data.

Also which one has the best coverage in the country for when we go on vacay around Britain? I can switch sims for the iPad



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I was with Tmobile before I moved to O2 on my iPhone 3GS.

Between the both, O2 has the fastest data but not the higher coverage as you would know.

I find using myWi on my iPhone to connect to my iPad is the fastest of any thing I have tried


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It was a tough decision but I went for T-Mobile - for 3G coverage.

T-Mobile are pretty damn fast as are o2 but T-Mobile have very good 3g coverage.

In urban areas I found Orange didnt have capacity. Web pages grinding to a halt and 3g rolling back to 2g when making voice calls.


T-mobile are def cheaper than o2 when abroad, A mate of mine and me have both just been away together for a couple of weeks , came back and my bills £140 his was half that.

O2 charge something like £3 per meg, think he was paying £1 for 3 mb.


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I really don't know who to go with. I'm thinking o2 because they are the only ones who support visual voicemail and have a good usage policy but the coverage is miles behind Orange and T-Mobi.

T-Mobile around here are not as sharp as 3, crazy considering they supposedly share masts.

My only other option is Voda, but apparently their CS is terrible.
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Orange 3g is terrible for speeds though.

Not sure about that, every time I do a speed test on my iPad 3G it's pretty good (around 2mbits). Anyway, surely the more important thing on which network to pick is availability rather than pure performance (assuming a certain threshold of responsiveness). Performance only matters if you are doing large downloads, which you will not be on a mobile data connection.


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The pages just don't seem to load as quick on Orange as quick as they do on 3 and o2.

Speedtest comes back with results of 300kbps on Orange. Sometimes I'll put a URL in and get safari cannot open this page.

At home its not too bad but at work, in the centre of Brum it's rubbish.


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H3G should be added to the list, seeing as they've officially announced iPhone 4 availability on their network.


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I know people don't like Three but shouldn't they be listed as well?

I love 3. There fifteen quid a month deal fits my needs absolutely perfectly. Found there CS to be no worse than any other mob company and coverage very good.

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