iPhone 4 Questions...For Those Who Had the 3GS


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Ok, was holding back from getting the iPhone 4, and planned to wait for the next model. Not due to any of the so called issues, but because my Wife and I's contracts were still in play. My Wife's contract ends this month, and mine ends next June.

I have the 32Gb white 3GS and the Wife has my old 8Gb 3G. The plan is to seel her's on for £140 on one of the many trading sites, and couple it with the £120 Vodafone deal in order to pay for the new iPhone 4 and still have change in the back burner!

So, for those who upgraded from the 3GS to the 4, are they glad they did and just how much better is the 4 in comparison?

Do I need the 32Gb, with HD Video recording to factor in, or will the 16Gb suffice in your experience, as I have loads on mine currently and still 12Gb spare!?!

I have an iPad 64Gb too, and was hoping that the Camera Kit might allow me to transfer HD Video recording along with Photo's from the 4 to the iPad when on holidays and henc e maybe alleviate the need for the larger model.

Just dont want to be sorry for not grabbing the 32Gb...



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Well that depends entirely on how much video you take. Me personally, I don't take very much, and when I do it's just clips anyway. I got the 16gb iP4 and this is how my stats look;


(BTW, where it says video's, thats the videos I have taken, not videos the iPod app)

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